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Good Salesperson v. Bad Salesperson

Good Salesperson

Doesn’t sell, delivers value. Helps people by giving them what they want. Builds long-term relationships and generates referrals because they are deserving of them.

Has a player’s mindset and accepts unconditional responsibility for their actions and outcomes.The player is in the game and can affect the result. Acts with integrity and can be relied on to do what they say are going to do.

Is an “on-purpose” salesperson who follows a process, operates with self-discipline, and spends time working “on their business.”Shows up each day, works really hard with passion + perseverance. Is typically the first to start and the last to stop. They lead by example.

Finds problems to proactively solve.

Is humble, hungry, coachable & curious. Pursues mastery.

Has a history of prior success.


Bad Salesperson

Uses selling techniques and persuasion to get people to do things. Focuses primarily on their own needs (“doing a deal”) rather than the needs of the customer.

Has a victim’s mindset, lots of excuses (market, rates, competition), and blames others.

The victim is out of the game and can only suffer the consequences of others’ actions. You can’t rely on this person to do what they say they are going to do.

Is an “on-accident” salesperson who doesn’t value discipline, has no process, never knows where their next deal will come from, and spends all their time working “in their business.” Thinks that the next marketing or technology fad will solve all their problems. Doesn’t have the self-discipline of a routine work schedule.

Waits for the problems to find them and then spends all of their time putting out fires.

Thinks they know everything, doesn’t need to change, unwilling to learn from others. Wants to be just good enough.

Has wandered from job-to-job looking for someone, or someplace else to be “the answer” to their problems.



The opinions expressed in this post are the sole view of the writer and do not reflect the opinion of Princeton Mortgage Corporation.

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