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our process



Great rates, less effort.

here's how we do it:


The first step in our process is obtaining your 3.2 file. The upload process is seamless. We’ve added detailed validations during the upload to ensure the data we’re collecting is accurate.


Once we have the data we’ll prepare the disclosures for you, including the state specific ones. All the disclosure documents can be e-signed, so go ahead and throw your pen away. We’re going to manage this process for you and we’ll let you know which documents you and your borrowers will need to execute. 


After the disclosures are out of the way and the intent to proceed is received you can order the appraisal. We’ve teamed up with an industry leading appraisal management company whose goal is to get the maximum value for your borrower’s property.

P.S. You can ignore this step if the AUS findings mark the loan eligible for an appraisal waiver… phew!


Okay, for this step we’re going to need your help. We’re going to need the borrower’s income and asset documentation. Don’t worry though, we’re accepting your AUS findings, so you’ll already know what we need before we even ask! 


Time for the fun part! In this step, our highly motivated and trained underwriting staff will review all of the documentation you’ve provided to us up until this point. After their review is completed we’re going to provide you the most detailed condition log the industry has to offer. You’ll know exactly what we need to clear your conditions and get your loan into closing!

  • Do you have a question for our underwriting team? Great! We’re here for you. Our underwriters are committed to providing you an effortless experience. That’s why we’ve given you direct access to their schedule. Yea, that’s right. You’ll have a direct link to their email calendars. All you have to do is pull up their calendar, schedule a time and date for the call and then they’ll call you! 

cd before ctc

Your loan is in the red zone now! At Princeton Mortgage, our goal is to get you through the origination process effortlessly. To us, this means getting your borrowers their CD as soon as physically or electronically as possible. We’ll prep the initial CD and send it out before we receive final underwriting approval. This allows us to start the TRID timeline sooner and close your loans faster! 


After we finish up the final underwriting conditions it’s time for our closing team to help your loan get into the end zone! They’re going to prep all the closing documents and get them out to your closing agent… oh, you’ll get them too. Then they’ll order the wire the night before the closing to make sure you aren’t waiting for the money at the closing table. Once the borrowers sign their documents send the closing package back to us. Don’t worry, we’ll take the scanned copies on purchase transactions to hurry things up. Once we receive the signed docs back we’ll approve the wire release and your borrowers will be on their way! 

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