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Princeton Wholesale Makes Mortgage Broker Partners Look Good.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We enjoy working with Princeton Wholesale! Our AE is one of the best. Thank you for making us look good and communicating well. - Nadia A., Broker Partner

What value does a Mortgage Lender bring to a relationship with their Broker Partners? Is it their:

  • Product offerings?

  • Ability to complete loans?

  • Knowledge of the mortgage industry?

It is normal to hear companies tout the above in their marketing, but this is actually just par for the course. How can you be a mortgage lender if you DON'T have the attributes listed above? That is why Princeton Wholesale was built around a different philosophy both in our marketing and as a company. Here it is: We do everything within our power to make YOU look very, very good.

How does Princeton Wholesale make Mortgage Brokers look good? Our goal at Princeton Wholesale is to give borrowers what we call The Effortless Mortgage™, and this is not just lip service. We have built our culture and all of our processes around this goal. The way our employees are trained, the way we speak around the office, and the commitments we make to borrowers and Broker Partners are designed to reflect this simple objective. So how do we give borrowers an effortless mortgage?

  1. We consistently have close times that are 30% faster than the industry average. You will not send a loan to us and then feel like you are watching us sit on our hands. The minute the loan comes in, our team gets to work and gets it done fast.

  2. We develop new technologies to address any bottlenecks that you might face. An example would be the feedback we heard that a pain point for Brokers is getting in touch with underwriting to get questions answered. So, we created "Ask Underwriting" – allowing you to connect with our industry-leading underwriters when and how you want.

  3. Hire Fewer, Better People: This is one of our company's "rules of the game." It is one of the values we live by as an organization. We don’t just hire positions to fill seats. This helps you look good because our AE's, underwriters, operations, etc., are the best. Everyone who touches or affects your loan in any way is an expert who is excellent at their job.

  4. The Princeton Promise. Many companies have promises that are put into place as a marketing gimmick, but we wanted our promise to function as something more. So we built our promise to be a catalytic mechanism. It is undeniable feedback on whether or not we are living up to our promise of an "Effortless Mortgage," and we made it so it would hurt. Here it is: The Princeton Promise: We promise an Effortless Mortgage to your customers or we'll give them $1,000 back at closing. No strings attached.

What's Next?

Princeton Wholesale recently became a sponsor of the Associations of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). To do so, we were vetted and had to show our commitment to helping the success and growth of the Broker Community and the Wholesale Mortgage Channel as a whole.

These processes above and our dedication to making our Broker Partners look good are big parts of our plan to do just that.

If you are interested in joining the many Broker Partners who have found us to be a breath of fresh air in an industry that can often feel stuffy and stuck in it's ways, set up a call with us today.

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