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Here Are a Few Options For Your Borrowers

At Princeton Wholesale, we know one of the things Brokers look for is optionality when choosing a Wholesale Lender to work with. A Lender with various loan products gives your borrowers the best opportunities when financing.

With that, our Broker Partners have been taking advantage of our FHA product as a great option for their borrowers in lower-to-moderate income households. It’s a great choice because of eased guideline restrictions, like its lower minimum FICO requirement.

However, FHA might not always be the right product for every scenario. So, I wanted to let you know about a couple of other loan products Princeton Wholesale offers that serve as great alternatives: HomeReady and Home Possible.

FHA may offer a better option for those with low credit scores, but in many cases, the HomeReady and Home Possible products have better down payment flexibility. These Fannie and Freddie products also have reduced mortgage insurance requirements and are easier on co-borrower flexibility.

They meet many borrowers needs where FHA cannot always do so.

All 3 of these products are great alternatives to Conventional loans for borrowers in certain scenarios. Be sure to check with your AE or Ask an Underwriter to see which option is best for your borrower.

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