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"IT'S Basically the Equivalent of a cash offer. The loan is all but done!"

Testimonial from Princeton Wholesale Broker Partner

A step beyond a pre-approval, the Princeton Pre-Commitment allows your borrower to obtain a full underwrite of their credit and income of the loan product of choice upfront, prior to finding a home. This allows your borrower to:

Maximize the confidence and certainty of the seller regarding their ability to finance the home.

Decrease time to close as the majority of the underwriting is completed upfront.

Increase their purchase power in a highly competitive market.

A Princeton Pre-Commitment reflects a preliminary determination that a borrower(s) qualifies for a home loan under Princeton Wholesale’s lending standards and guidelines. If borrower(s) receives Final Approval for a loan, the loan amount, terms, and conditions may vary from what is disclosed in the Princeton Pre-Commitment. No fees will be charged in connection with a Princeton Pre-Commitment. It is recommended that a borrower obtains an official Loan Estimate before choosing a loan.

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