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2 Ways to Improve Your Borrower's Buying Power!

Stop us if you've heard this before: The housing market is crazy right now.

Yeah, we get it. As a mortgage broker, you're working twice as hard to get your borrowers into their dream homes with bidding wars, inventory shortages, and who knows what else.

That's why Princeton Wholesale has implemented 2 ways to make your process effortless while improving your borrower's buying power:

1 - Get underwriting done upfront before your borrower even finds the house they want to purchase - It's called a Princeton Pre-commitment!

2 - Quadruple their chances of winning a bidding war by equipping them with a cash offer -- Yes, a cash offer. Through a strategic partnership, Princeton Wholesale can now provide a cash offer to borrowers in all of our licensed states!

Check out our VP of Wholesale Lending, Joshua Teti, explaining these tools in the video.

Want to learn more, check out!

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